Mar 1, 2011

Still Alive!

Although some days I wonder ;-)

Life has been crazy lately.  Work is insane right now, although it's tapering off a bit, even managed to get some paperwork caught up that I've been trying to do for the past 6 months.   Cathy has finally rejected all offers of mediation so she went off to a lawyer to settle our separation.  So now I'm in the process of hiring my own lawyer at 325 bucks per hour (ouch!) to get this over and done with.  Thus I'm filling out more paperwork then you can image and photocopying every piece of paper imaginable.  It's a good thing I save things like taxes and bills, can't image trying to get all this stuff done without it.   First interview with the lawyer is on Monday so you know what I'll be doing all weekend.

Let me give those few single friends of mine some advice, and this might sound nasty but it's the truth.  Never, ever get involved with someone who isn't a similar pay level or has their own pension plan like your own.  If they don't, many will try and bilk you for it all and by law they will get it.  They will get 50% of your pension and a huge chunk of your pay in spousal and child support.  If your married for over 15 years they will get spousal until the end of time (unless they marry or common-in-law).  They are leeches for life.  Find a woman (or man) who is the same social level as yourself.  Trust me on this one, by the end of this I expect that I will have lost over a quarter of a million in pension and assets.  Spousal could be as much as another quarter of a million over 25  years.  If she would have had her own pension and pay cheque I'd only owe child support and split the assets.  Think about it when you try and be nice and support your family.  For many years I said "that's ok dear, you do what you like, we can make ends meet based on my salary".  I was trying to be nice and let her stay at home because I had a good paying job.  I worked all the hours so she could go on dog walks, the gym, Tim Horton's with the friends and spend her summers running around having a good time with the kids.   I thought I was being so nice letting the kids grow up with "mom" home all the time instead of a babysitter.   Now I get bit in the ass.  Guys and Gals - send them out to work for a living so you don't end up being their income until the end of time.

But Jen has been there through it all being very supportive and keeping me happy.  Despite all the foolishness life is still good and it'll all work out and be over sooner rather then later.  She's my rock these days and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Beyond that not much new.  We've had a bit more snow but haven't been out snowshoeing in a few weeks or taking photos.  Last weekend was Jen's dad's birthday so we hosted a small dinner and the week before we were out to a friends for a formal diner party.  Thanks John and Jill!    Not to mention some time in front of the 3rd Family Guy Star Wars and 2 of the Robot Chicken Star Wars DVD's hahaha

Hope everyone hasn't abandoned the blog, I'm still here and kicking.  Just the time of year and the foolishness surrounding it all.  We're talking about snowshoeing or going into the downtown core this weekend, but depends on the weather.  So might get some photos this weekend.  Cheers fer now!


  1. Carry on carrying on, Mate!

  2. Yikes Scott! Was wondering about you guys -- thanks for checking in. :) I hope things even out for you soon!

  3. I'm just glad that I can be here for you!! I'm happy to be your rock, and hope you realize that you are mine too :) We'll get through all of this together!! Love you!! xoxoxoxo

  4. Thanks everyone, especially you Jen! Despite what I've written we're still doing good and wouldn't change a thing. I can hold my head high and no that I haven't done wrong and wouldn't change a thing. Life is good and life is going to be great once I get over the little speed bump in life ;-)

    Candis! Don't be a stranger, you can always drop an e-mail if I go missing. Any word on your camera?

    Kyle, was beginning to think you'd entered hibernation mode.