Mar 29, 2011

Vacation Continues

So far it's been pretty quiet.  Although it's been sunny for the most part the temperatures just have not cooperated.  It's been below zero most days and wind chills from -7 to -18c.   That has limited the outdoor exposures to walking between the truck and the stores ;-)   Any thoughts of real shooting has been quickly shot down when you stick your nose out the door.  Metal camera bodies and tripods just don't mix with the cold very well.  But hope is on the horizon, the forecast says it's going to be warmer the rest of the week.  Now I just gotta get out and find the shots.

But Jen and I did manage to get out for a few minutes to a legal Graffiti wall here in Ottawa.   Just under the bridge across from Carlton University on Bronson.   Some of these will look very familiar as Jen shot near the same thing with her camera and posted on FB a few days ago.  She did a great job and this is proof to her that mine weren't "going to be better".   She's a good photographer and just needs a bit of guidance as I did many years ago.

Be sure to click on the images to see them in fullsize, the pano's look best BIG!

 It's been awhile since I've done any Panorama work, not sure why I keep forgetting considering how much I enjoy it, but this is a shot of the underside of the bridge.  As I stated, this is a legal spot for Graffiti.  There is another wall closer to downtown that I hope to get to before the end of the week.

 Some of the artwork on the walls.
 The water has receded from many of the plants but has left some ice behind.  Put a little Lucisart on this to give it a bit more interesting of a look.

The pic on the above I stole from Jen's FB page ;-)   And we all know who the pretty lady on the right is!

 Was messing with the macro lens showing Jen how the DOF works.   These 2 shots are of the same cat, Fluffy, she has two different coloured eyes - HONESTLY!

That now empty's my camera for the week to date.  As I stated, wanted to get and shoot some more.  There are a couple of coyotes hanging around the farm and I would love to find where they are hanging out but not holding my breath at this point.   For now I sleep 9-10 hours per night recharging the batteries and my days are catching up on some computer work and waiting for the warm weather.  But the camera batteries are all charged and good to go!


  1. Great to hear that you're getting rested. Agree with you on chilly weather -- c'mon spring!

    Love the graf images. They're so vibrant, colourful. And great work on the panos. I love that they go up onto the roof/ceiling. Would be fun to watch them working on it. :~)

  2. That blue eye is mesmerizing