Mar 30, 2011

Rural Decay?

I went out in search of Coyotes and found rural decay instead.  I hear the coyotes all the time around the farm and have seen them from a distance but never with a camera in hand.    They've been howling a few times this week and sounded like they were out back and to the side so figured I'd take a walk and try and see if I can find them, or indications of where they hang out.   But no tracks and no sign of them.  Some old tracks but look more like deer, hard to tell with the melting snow.

Around the farm and back in the woods are farm machinery pieces laying around.  Most are still usable but naturally they have rust on them this time of year.  But there was one piece back in the woods, not sure what it was used for, couldn't figure it out.   But rust and age lend themselves to using Lucisart.   The pictures were pretty blah with the grey skies and flat light.  Still no green, just brown ground and old snow.

Some people think things like HDR and Lucisart are just tricks and gimmicks.  Maybe, and not something I use very often but was fun playing around with it.  Makes blah pictures look a bit more interesting.  Not something I'd be selling but I do it just for fun.

Click the image for the fullsize. 

Panorama of the horses, they asked if I could do a group photo for them.   I didn't think it would work as they were all moving around but the photomerge in Photoshop CS5 did it's magic!   This one was a horizontal pano and the one below was a vertical.  5 images above and 7 below.


  1. Even the rust looks good!

    The group looks like they're lined up at the bar! Looks like they could do with some mulled wine!!!

  2. Love the picture with the dog, almost looks like an oil painting.

  3. Great pics!