Mar 24, 2011

Vacation Time?

Well maybe not vacation time but definitely some time off.   After a very hectic year and a stressful 4 weeks of dealing with the lawyer, financial statements, calculators and the outrageous bills that come attached to a lawyer, it's time for a break.   I haven't taken much vacation time this past year and as a result work has been threatening to take it back and cash me out.   Not if I have my way!   So I'm taking a pile of it over the next week and the boss will sign off that I will take the rest early in the next fiscal year.   Didn't get to Bermuda this past year and that definitely had an impact on my left over vacation time.

Not going anywhere, besides Jen's place.  Just going to take it easy, relax and recharge the mental batteries.  Also going to try and motivate myself to get out there with the camera.  Suppose to be sunny the next few days, although cool but spring is on the way and it's getting nicer each day.  Lots of Canadian Geese flying around, flooded fields from the melt and patches of snow.   If I can get away from the mud I should be able to find some cool pictures if I get motivated ;-)

So here's a few from this past week.  Nothing special but at least I'm out there shooting!

Click image for bigger view.

 Actually these pictures are upside down ;-)   The birds were at my feeder and hanging upside down to eat.  The tree in the background is a bit distracting.  These guys pick out the seed looking for the sunflowers and drop the rest on the ground for the other types of birds to eat.  Went away for 2 days and they have almost emptied the feeder.

I've had Color Efex for some time but have never played with it much.  I'm not much of a filter person.  Have tried them in the past and was never all that successful with them.   Since the pictures weren't all that special I decided to look at what the program can do.  Found this Polaroid effect.  Original on the left, Polaroid on the right.  Kinda cool. 

A rather boring sunset tonight, so tried out the Colour Efex again and put a "glow" on.  Neat look, not something I'd do every day though.


  1. Cute bird! Should'a left it hanging by its toes!

  2. I really like the sunset - a "glow" for sure, looks like the sky is on fire. Bird's cute too :)

  3. Love the upside-down chickadees ... :D Cute.

    Glad to hear you're getting a break. Hope you get lots of rest, except for your shutter finger ... ;-)

    I've got a copy of Color Efex as well but have never installed it (it came with something, pen tablet I think). Do you have (or have you used) their Silver Efex / B&W software?