Sep 13, 2010

A Walk Along the Canal

Saturday Jen and I took a lovely walk along the Rideau Canal between Hartwells and Hogs Back Locks.

Jen still won't let me post pictures of her :-(   But maybe with some encouragement folks..... come on now, tell her how pretty she it ;-)

One of Jen's 3 cats.

Oh, how did that shot get in here ;-)


  1. Who's that girl behind those Foster Grants??? (She's a cutie Scott.) Nice to meet you Jen.


  2. Nice job sneaking a pic of me in here ;-) oh well, guess I might as well get used to it ~sigh~ lol it was a beautiful day and a lovely walk, the pics are great!!

    Nice to meet you too Sharon!!


  3. Gorgeous day, wasn't it. It's certainly reflected in your photos Scott. :)

    Hi Jen! Definitely pretty ... :)

    (And LOL re: ...guess I might as well get used to it... One of the downfalls of having a photographer-SO. Mine never smiles though -- he usually sticks out his tongue, the spoil-sport ... ;-)

  4. Hi Candis, thanks so much!! never thought about sticking my tongue out...I'll have to remember that the next time Scott gets his camera I've seen some of your photos, they are absolutely gorgeous, hope you don't mind my checking out your blog one in awhile :)

  5. haha, thanks everyone! Jen is getting used the camera slowly but surely, just need to be careful and don't push to much or I'll find myself eating a lens!

  6. Jen - Thank you, and don't mind at all! And oops, I'll apologize to Scott now for any future photo funny business ... :D