Sep 20, 2010

Rough Weekend and Mer Bleue

What a rough weekend all around me this week, first separation mediation session last week which was rather stressful, my friends in Bermuda undergoing the wrath of Hurricane Igor (fortunately no major damage to their lives or property) and Jen lost a couple of very close friends through an act of stupidity.   A 20 year old kid stunt driving on city streets loses control and shatters a family.  Mom and Dad both dead and 3 orphaned children.  All because of someone acting like an idiot.  And his life is now ruined as well.  Having to live with killing someone and wiping out a family.  His hopes and dreams are gone as well.  All because of one stupid act.  Makes you think how easily you could fuck up and do something and everything be over in an instant.  A sobering thought.

But we did get away from the world for a bit and took a walk on a local green space/bog called Mer Bleue.

A few pics from the rather long walk;

From the boardwalk.

and a colour version.

Not as clear as I would like but bees are hard to shoot!

Some nice fall flowers ;-)


  1. Great photos, and an enjoyable walk. It was nice to get away from all of the stress for a little while. Thanks for being there for me :)



  2. Yes. Just an awful situation all around ... the poor girls ... :-(

    Jen, so sorry you lost your friends.

    Glad you were both able to get out for a bit. Looks like a lovely fall day at the bog ... with lots of critters to keep you company.

  3. Thanks so much Candis, it is an awful situation, I couldn't even imagine growing up with no parents. They've been in my thoughts since last Friday when I found out.

    It was very nice to get out into nature for a couple of hours, very soothing for me.

  4. Jen, very sad news about your friends - I am so sorry. The kids are going to have some very hard days ahead unfortunately - hope there is someone who is close enough to give them the emotional support they are going to need.

    Scott, great photos! Really glad you two got out amongst nature and detuned - very positive and healthy :)

    You two take care!!

  5. Thank you Sharon :) yes the kids are going to have a tough time of it in the near future. Not sure who is going to have custody, they're staying with some relatives now who unfortunately they have not been very close to in the past. I will be going to see them this weekend, so will know better how they are doing.

    It was wonderful to get out and back to nature, it always helps me to de-stress.