Sep 23, 2010

Honda Drivers

Ok, I swear that all the people who used to drive Oldsmobile's have moved to Hondas!

Just about punted 2 of them off the road this morning.  Can they drive any slower?  Is the Honda incapable of taking a corner with any speed?  Do they really need 64 seconds to reach 80 kms/hour?  And 3 km's to stop?  Are brakes optional?  Do you have to pay a lot of money for options like signal lights?

Or do they just get scared when they see a superior automobile like my Toyota coming up behind them?



  1. Ya, gotta remember. The new Honda driver is the old Buick/Oldsmobile driver and one of the reasons they shifted is gas mileage!

    So that means you can't push too hard on the long pedal on the right at any time - and if the speed limit is exceeded the wheels will fall off!