Sep 10, 2010

Dr Who and Friday Tune

Over this past summer I have become a huge Dr Who fan, haven't seen the stuff prior to 2005 but I now have seen almost every episode and special from 2005 to the dramatic ending this past season. In that time there are been 3 different doctors and at least 4 companions. There are 2 scenes/episodes that stand out. The one where Dave Tennant dies and Matt Smith takes over and this scene where Rose and the Dr say good-bye for the "what we believe" is the final time. For a show that is suppose to be "cheesy" this one was wonderful.

For those sci-fi geek friends of mine who have never checked out Dr Who, find the tapes and enjoy. It's wonderful.

Get your kleenex out

And my song of the week that has been stuck in my head is another good old cheesy 80's tune;

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