Sep 4, 2010

Playing Around

A quiet day around the farm.  The humidity finally broke last night and it's downright cool now.  No humidity at all and winds are blowing over 30km/h.    Family and friends down east are being lashed by Hurricane Earl and friends in Bermuda with Tropical Storm Fiona, so I won't complain.

Jen and I are just having a lazy day and decided to play around the farm with the camera and photoshop.  A few pics that I thought were fairly neat ;-)

A 9 image HDR the a light find edges.

An HDR to extreme.  Converted to B&W, then heavy multiplied find edges.

A few of the horses around the farm.

Best horse image I've gotten yet!

Playing with the macro, electric fence.

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend.   Jen won't let me post pictures of her :-(   But I'll keep working on it!  ;-)


  1. Nice photos ... now are these with the Lumix?

    I love the horse scenes, especially the portrait-oriented shot. Nicely composed!

    Hope you're enjoying the last of the long w/e. Weird - bizarre - weather and all. ;-)

  2. Hey Candis, nope those were with the D200 and a Sigma 70-300mm.

    It was a nice lazy/relaxing weekend. I would have taken the canoe out but everything was way to unpredictable all weekend. Glad you got out there, now make a habit of it ;-)

  3. hahaha, been thinking of it Vedd! Haven't had to many funky skies lately and our architecture isn't as exotic as yours ;-)