Sep 25, 2010

Software Updates

I know that many of my readers are running Mac's but most of these programs are available to them as well. but I've installed and used them on Windows 7.  Was a quiet morning so had some time to check out some programs that have been on my list and a few oldies that I still love.

1.  GO-OO.   For many years I have been using Open Office instead of Microsoft Office.  Why spend hundreds of dollars for a Microsoft product when there is a free version that is smaller, faster and does exactly the same thing?   But GO-OO is a version of Open Office that is even quicker then the original Open Office.   Works beautifully, is fast and is free.  The only snag I hit was that I needed to uninstall my old Open Office manually before installing it.   Webpage and download -

2.  Firefox 4.0 Beta - I stopped using Firefox about 6 months ago and switched to SRWARE Iron, but I heard that 4.0 was an improvement.  Downloaded it and it is much improved and much faster then the old version 3.  Still not as good as Iron but much improved.

3.  SRWARE Iron - In my opinion the best browser available.  Lightening fast and easy to use.  It's based upon the Google Chrome package with all the sneaky google advertising and tracking removed.  Also has an Adblocker built in.   Download and install -    Then go to this webpage and copy the contents -  and then paste the contents into the adblock.ini file in the SRWARE directory.  Will block 99% of all banner ads.   You can also sync your bookmarks to your google account allowing you to access your bookmarks from anywhere in the world.  Handy for those who travel.

4.  Lightroom3 - For my photographer friends.   A powerful suite of software for a fraction of the cost of Photoshop.  If your not heavy editing with layers and stuff this program is for you.  30 day free trial from adobe -

5. Pixresizer - an oldie but still the best that I have found.  This little freeware program is the best for resizing your pictures for the net, e-mail or whatever.  Does single files or entire directories -

Quiet weekend, hanging out with Keaton and hoping that Jen will drop by.  Off to Baltimore for a quick business trip next week but will have full access to the world on my laptop.  So out of town but not out of touch ;-)    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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