Jun 11, 2015

The East End - St George's

Yesterday was the west end so today was the east end, in particular the town of St George's. Met up with a couple of friends to explore the back roads, Tom and Cathy Schmit Czaja. Had a great time chatting and taking pictures. Again I tried to stay outside of my comfort zone and do something different. For the most part I stuck the XF-35mm lens. .

If you go back in the archives you'll see this is not my first post of the back streets of St George's :-)   A great town for photographers who love colour and different content.  Enjoy.

 Someone took my picture when I handed them my camera :-)

 St Peter's Church, St George's Bermuda.

 Looking out one of their upper old windows.

 I love Bermuda colours.

 The Old Rectory

 Guess the two neighbours couldn't decide on a colour so 50/50 it is.

 Inside the flower.

 Bermuda roofs.  Not a straight line anywhere on this beautiful old home.

Running out of days on this trip :-(   Only a few more to go.

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