Jun 1, 2015

Spanish Point

A quiet Sunday on the island, spent most of the day reading a book and relaxing while the weather slowly began to change.  We have a high slowly moving in from the north and should push the showers and wind out of the area.

But didn't sit around all day, took a short run out to Spanish Point where there are plenty of derelicts to see, low tide and pretty scenery.

One of the sillier things I have seen in awhile.  This thing is a disaster waiting to happen. 

 Last time I was here this sailboat was laying on it's side.  Someone seems to have put it upright but she sure needs work.

 Sitting on the bottom.

 My first look at the American Cup boats, Oracle and Artemis, from a very long way away.  Need to get closer.

 Looking across to Dockyard

 The abandoned floating dock that wrecked here.

 A local family freezing in what they perceive to be cold water - lol

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