Jun 10, 2015

My old stomping grounds - The West End

Anyone who reads my adventures knows that when I'm in Bermuda the one thing I dislike is the cruise ship people.  Against my own best judgement I made a run to Dockyard.   To my horror on arrival, not one, but two cruise ships in port - shoot me now.

The Norwegian Breakaway

But the reason I come up here is to go to commissioner's house and to the surrounding ramparts and sheds.  Something the cruise people typically don't do because it would cost them 15 bucks.   So I bee-lined straight to the gates to get inside.   My first surprise was the cost was only 10 bucks, the second came when I asked why.  The commissioner's house is closed due to damage from Hurricanes Fay and Gonzalo.  Apparently 7 sections of the roof were damaged but the exhibits inside were left untouched.

Scaffolding on blue tarps on the commissioners house. 

 So I decided to chill on the walls instead.

Oh to have a few cannon balls at my disposal to thin out the cruise ship hoards.

 Wait for it. Line the shot up carefully.

Anyone who does a lot of photography usually runs into the problem of having that one lens that you love and hate all at the same time. Mine is the Fuji XF-35mm F1.4 This lens takes amazing pictures of the exact subject matter that I struggle with: people and objects. Last year I got one of my favourite shots in Bermuda with this lens (a blue compass on an old boat). Today I returned to that old boat shed again as I knew there was some good content. Again, some are good and some I'm not so sure. The hardware on these boats are from the turn of the 1900's are are racing sailboats of the era.
The boat shed is very dark and dingy, but the lenses low light capability really works well.

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