Jun 4, 2015

East End Run

I had heard a dirty rumour that my favourite tavern had shutdown (The Black Horse) so decided I should do a run to confirm or deny.  Unfortunately it is closed :-(   Best Bermuda fish chowder on the island and I lived their Wahoo sandwich.   Not impressed at all.

But I did hit a few spots along the way and take some pictures on a very lovely day.   We did have some cloud and it looked like we were going to get a storm but it missed me completely.

My travels started at Tom Moore's Jungle which is right beside Tom Moore's Tavern.  This is the oldest tavern on the island having started in 1625.

 The fish in the bay beside the tavern seem to think I was there to feed them.

 The path through the jungle, much cleaner now after the 2 hurricanes went through last year.

 One of several ponds in the area.

 One of the first caves that you come across.   I went into this one a few years ago and it kinda creeped me out, so stayed outside today :-)

 The entrance to the more interesting cave.   I just missed an eco-tour who I believe were swimming inside.   I'm told the water is freezing in there but I guess if you ever want to swim in a cave this a good spot.

 As soon as I arrived I realized that I hadn't even thought of bringing my flash or a flashlight.  One of those doh moments.  I put the X-T1 up to 6400 ISO and hoped for the best.  It didn't disappoint, I did do some noise reduction but very usable images in almost near dark conditions.  The EVF handled the darkness as well.

 Was keeping my eye on the area for critters but this and a cat were the only ones that showed themselves.

Clear Water beach looking towards St David's. 

 Looking out towards Ferry Reach, clouds moving in.

 Still noticing boats abandoned on the shore after the hurricanes.

 One of the many beautiful houses on this island.

 Groto Bay Resort

A pano of Gotto Bay, be sure to click for a big image.

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