Jun 4, 2015

Heaven is located at 32.3000° N, 64.7833° W

Yesterday I was busy all day helping out friends with various projects (felt good) so the camera never left the bag but today was another fabulous day so decided to head down to the beach.   Have been here for a week and figured I'd better put my feet in the salt water and sand at some point.  Besides I had been waiting for the sea temps to go up a bit.   They say it's currently 77F but I think it was a bit warmer.   I have a sweet little spot that I like to hit.

As you can see the crowds were crazy, I had to elbow my way through to find a spot.

I gave up and went the other way.  Not much better.

Some hurricane erosion.

Even on a calm day with the tide going out it can still get some wave action going.

Avoid at all costs or you will get a painful lesson to remember it by. Portuguese man o' war. 

A great way to spend the afternoon.  Reading and playing in the surf :-)

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