Oct 18, 2010

Time for a change?

I haven't been watching the camera market for some time now as I just found it to be very depressing.  All these new cameras and lenses coming out and they get more and more expensive.   I'm also one of those who continually uses the line "it's not the camera that makes the image".    I watched the full frame D700 come out and I drooled over it, but in the end reality reigned.  Replacing all my lenses and camera body would have cost a small fortune.  And would full frame really give me that much more?

On the DX format, which I currently use, the D300 was a bit of an upgrade and the S version was even more so.  But not enough to grab my attention considering the price.   I would love to switch to the Canon 5d Mk II, a wonderful landscape camera but again I'd be forced to replace my lenses to Canon and the body itself is not cheap.

Info from Nikon -  Nikon D7000
Info from Rockwell - Ken Rockwell D7000

But along comes a new DX Nikon camera.  The D7000.   Very similar to my older D200 but many new advanced features and a new generation of sensor.   Much lower noise, more mega pixels (not a big deal), dual SD slots, HD video with auto focus, silent mode (wonderful) and saved setups (about friggin time).  All for a fairly reasonable price, as DSLR's go, around $1200 USD.   Early reviews are giving this camera very high marks.   More expensive in Canada but I'll bring it across the border from the states.

This would/should be a worthy successor to my D200.   So is the time here to put my old D200 out to pasture?  Or make is a backup camera?  I would like to have to cameras so I can stop switching lenses all the time....

Now it's coming up with the money :-/   ARGH!


  1. Looks a great cam - even Hitler thinks so:



  2. haha, I love those Hitler camera spoofs, they are hilarious!

  3. I’ve looked at the D7000 and it’s impressive but if I were to stick to crop sensors + 3 brackets per AEB, I’m happy to stay with Canon – the Canon EF-S 10-22mm lens is unbeatable for image quality and distortion (at least in my eyes hehe)

  4. Ooooh. Yes, I read about this cam last week. Interesting. Very interesting.

    It's a difficult decision, isn't it. Keep us posted on what you decide!