Oct 31, 2010

Bermuda Images and Canadian Images launched

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

What a weird weekend.  Most of my plans got dumped into the garbage.   For some reason, Saturday decided to start off with rain and then switch to snow.  In FRIGGING Oct!!!!    It was suppose to be a light dusting of 2cm's but we ended up with over 5cm's.  And did it melt on the Sunday?  Nope!   Still on the ground.   So I didn't get many of my chores done - like take down the antennas at the ex's.   Fingers crossed I get a nice weekend somewhere before the real snow flies.  And this had better not be the real snow!  ;-)

On a positive note,   Northern Foto got it's main page update with a nice flash show.   Only 7 images on the flash show for now but there will be many more over the coming weeks.

But, my other 2 domains have also been purchased.  Bermuda Images and Canadian Images!    Bermuda images will exclusively link to my Bermuda work and Canadian Images is just parked/redirected to Northern Images for now.   The Bermuda images it the one that I hope will get things rolling.  I would think that the words Bermuda and Images would be fairly common in web searches?  In fact I was very surprised that both domains were available for purchase.   The Canadian Images domain I'll deal with after I get Northern and Bermuda up and running fully.

So both are now launched but much work to do yet.  Still have done no key wording and only have a few images posted.   For now I'm not flogging the websites too heavily.  Going to need some free hours to get everything up and running the way I want it.

Off to the states tomorrow!  Hope it's warmer ;-)

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  1. It's looking great Scott!

    Like I mentioned in the last comment, that snow ... grrrr. Not really ready for it. ;-)

    Good luck this week.