Oct 10, 2010

Autumn 2010 - Upper Canada Bird Sanctuary

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!    A lovely walk at the bird sanctuary yesterday, the fall colours are wonderful.  Jen had never had small birds land on her hands before, so that was really cool.

Someone finally agreed to a pose! ;-)

 Jen had never had a bird land on her hand before, was great fun!

 A perfect day for the wide angle lens.  Pretty trees, leaves and blue sky.

My favourite non-Jen photo of the day.

 I hate snakes!  Unless they are posing.  Jen spotted this little guy that then tried to attack her.

 Amazing what you see when you look UP.

 Will he bite me?

Where'd he go?  Hellooooooooo, free fooooooood!

My Pretty Lady!  ;-)


  1. Thanks Kyle, it was a fun walk!

  2. Ah, what a great way to enjoy the long weekend! The weather was perfect. Glad you both have recovered from those fall colds and were able to get out.

    I love the overheard tree shots Scott -- love those! And that snake ... they were enjoying the warm days too, I guess ... ;-)

  3. Thanks Candis! Still have my cold, just a tiny bit, but it's almost gone. It was a lovely weekend and very warm in the sun, as the snake can attest too. I keep trying to look at the world from different angles to capture it with the camera. I rarely stand up for a picture, always on my knees, looking up or down. You images do that a lot as well.

    BTW, thanks! Jen now sticks her tongue out whenever she sees the camera ;-)

  4. The 3rd and the 4th are my favorite!!! Can't seem to get enough of it - the pleasures of viewing it wide, in this ultra wide :-)

    more please! :-)

  5. Thanks Vedd! Yup, wide is good hahahaha.