Oct 29, 2010

Northern Foto is launched

Well sort of ;-)

Managed to purchase the domain name and got a very temporary homepage up and running @  Northern Foto   but still have lots of work to do.    I also have 2 more domain names on order and hope to have those by the end of the day.   In the end I should have 3 photo "homepages" that all use the same backend for the purchasing.   The 2 new domains that are coming should get picked up by the search engines on a regular basis.     Then will come the keywording and getting out there trying to advertise a bit to drag people to the sites.   Fingers crossed that I can make a go of this!

But haven't had much time to upload photos or put much work into things.  Have been preparing all week for a trip to Baltimore next week.  I have to give a presentation so been building that up and living in powerpoint hell.

This weekend I'll be back at my ex-wifes place taking down all my antennas and tower now that the leaves are off the trees.  This is pretty much the last thing I have to do at the old house and I need to get it done before the ground freezes and while the leaves are down.   Will probably take me most of the day and I still have to rent a truck and cart away the tower sections to a friends, who is kind enough to loan me some barn space.   I still need to get the canoe and kayak cleaned up and put away for the winter as well.   Not enough days left before the snow flies.

And then off to the states on Monday.   So sometime in there I hope to get the webpages up and running and maybe add a few pictures.

On an interesting note, a friend of mine (and former boss - luck bugger is retired) Bob, works with stained glass.  He's requested a few of my images to attempt to do them on stained glass.  This should be pretty cool, really looking forward to seeing the results as his work is very nice!   They promised me some pictures so will be sure to post them when available.

That's the news for now, here's a tune to end our week with.  Rush in the very early days before Neil Peart and before they could play bars in Ontario due to the drinking age of 21.   They are 18 years old in this video, this is the song that propelled Rush into the limelight.   I think most of us can relate to this song - Working Man!    Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. It's looking really good Scott! That hard work shows. If I can ask, what did you use to purchase your domains?

    The stained glass + photo = awesome. Can't wait to see that!

    And Rush -- excellent choice. ;-)

    Good luck with all the busy-ness coming your way this week.

  2. Thanks Candis! Well didn't get everything done this weekend, the snow really messed up my plans to get my old antennas and stuff down. So that didn't get done.

    I bought the webdomains through http://justhost.com I got a 3 domain and hosting package for 9.95 per month. It's a bit cheaper if you go over 3 years. For what I have in mind I need 3 domains and room to host. They seemed like a good option. In fact I screwed up on my purchase and had to deal with their support and they did a great job.

    I just updated http://northern-foto.com with a flash show, so it's looking good and I just launched my next domain at http://bermuda-images.com and my 3rd domain is at http://canadian-images.com and that redirects to northern-foto for now.

  3. Thanks for the info. It's exciting to see your progress. Yeah, that snow really threw us all for a loop didn't it. Ah well ... :-)