Oct 15, 2010

A crappy day needs a good tune.

A miserable rainy day here in Ottawa.  It's after 7am, I'm in the office and it's still dark out.   Still shaking some of my cold that just won't go away, skin is all yucky as the air is dry thanks to the heat being on, didn't sleep well cause I was to lazy to get up for a pee so I just laid there, think I snored most of the night so have a sore throat and just feel grumpy! ;-)

This seems to match my mood;

What a great song that brings a smile on a crappy day!

But should be a good ending to the day.  Cooking a turkey for Jen after work, I see turkey, wine and a movie in our future!


  1. Haven't heard that one in a while! ;)

  2. Great tune and an awesome voice! Only one Gracie Slick :)

    Sharon T

  3. Things will be better bud! Trust me, it always does :-)

  4. Wonderful tune! No worries Vedd, was just a bad day ;-) The sun came out on Saturday and the rest of my cold dried up (completely gone), got a great nights sleep, had some wonderful company, a few glasses of wine, a turkey dinner, a couple of movies and suddenly the world was right again! hahaha