Jul 15, 2010

Welcome to "The Farm"

Good day all!   Welcome to my home.

I have affectionally nicknamed the place "The Farm".  You will hear me say, come on out to the farm!   I do like it here.  It's a bit warm in the heat but overall the breezes are great, the air is lovely, lots of natural light, horses everywhere and it's comfortable.  I'm very attuned to good and bad feelings and this house has a good feeling.  This has been a happy home.  It has it's warts - it's old, no range hood, no light over the sink, no real closets, plugs in the wrong place etc etc... but it has character and really feels good.

So enjoy the pics and descriptions.  I still have lots to do, you'll note there is little on the walls yet, working on it and the curtains will come with time.  The new windows just went in last week so still trying to get a handle on curtains - I want colour and bright!  No more dark living for me.  Enjoy;

Welcome to The Farm!  I rent the top and main floors.  Basement is currently unrented, and I hope it stays that way.   This way my subwoffer can work overtime. A lovely wrap around deck for relaxing in the evening and watching the sunrise in the morning.

Yard is big enough to store the Canoe and Kayak (to the right).  Horse fields behind and to the right.  Landlord mows the lawn for me, but I'm trying to get my old mower working and I'll do it myself.

The front room.  I found it to be too small for a living room so I sort of made it a "mud room"  The front door is to the right.  The bench is my working bench and beside it is the entrance to the kitchen.  I'm standing next to the stairs that go into the loft.   Going to put some nice light curtains in here to give it some colour and maybe extend the bookcases in the future.  Lots of light!

My living room.  Not very big, it's formerly a bedroom (with a 7' window).  One of the girls at work was nice enough to get me the free TV in the corner (thank you Cynthia L!), a futon to the right for snoozing and my stereo gear which is always blasting the XM radio!

The important side of the living room.  The computer and command station haha.  Lots of light!

Bathroom.  This used to be a bedroom that they made into a new bathroom for me.  The old pictures (later) show the original.  It's bigger then it looks, I'm standing next to the washer/dryer and a shelving unit.  Not huge but a nice comfortable size.

The kitchen.   A really nice size!   Not huge space for storage but more then enough for me.  The way to the mud room is to the right (around the white microwave).   The shelf doors are a bit wacked, I need to adjust them so they will stay closed, on my list of things to do.   New curtains in here in a week or so.

The kitchen from the other side.   My Bermuda friends should recognize a few things in this picture ;-)  Through the door is a spare bedroom.  It's a mess right now with a small deep freeze, a book shelf, filing cabinet and a bed.  Kids like it but I need to sort it out at some point.  There is also a closet (the former stairs to the basement) in front of the fridge that I use as a pantry.  The spare bedroom is also the only room with a closet! haha  But the room has no door - was thinking of hanging 60's style beads.  Anyone have any?  ;-)

Welcome to "The Loft"!   To me this upstairs made me fall in love with the place.   To the right is a steep staircase coming up.  The upstairs is an open L shape (you see in a sec).  The floors are old wooden planks.  It has so much charm and just feels so good up there.   It actually stays fairly cool with the air flow, but I do have an air conditioner for when it gets stupid hot.  Still have another dresser to go in for all the sweaters and stuff (in the boxes to the left).

Looking the other way down the loft.  Now excuse the mess, still trying to sort this mess out.   The boxes on the right are all BOOKS!   I need wayyyyy more book shelves.  You'll also notice the paddles hahaha, swapping from the kayak to the canoe results in paddles and stuff ending up in the bedroom ;-)   As I have no real closets, except for a walk-in downstairs (the former bathroom), all the stuff I don't wear gets hung up here.  You'll also note the AC unit is in the window, it's stupid hot today.

Looking down the L of the loft.  My storage area.  All my tools, boxes, camping gear, golf stuff and other odds and ends.  I really need to sort this mess out one of these days.

Well, that's pretty much it.  The Farm!  I also have a small shed out the back of the house.  Windows are broke and it needs a good cleaning but good enough to store the few things I don't want in the house.   Also mentioned is the walk-in closet downstairs.   We took the old bathroom and made it a walk-in and storage.  It's also a mess, filled with my wine bottles and my work clothes right now.   On my list of things to do ;-)

This was my first look at the house back a few months ago;

Now the living room.

The Kitchen - mud room to the right.  The grey stuff is leveling the floor.

The spare Bedroom

The mudroom

Mudroom, looking towards the stairs.

The original bathroom.  The hole is where the toilet would sit.  NASTY!   This is now a walk-in closet.

The loft, before my touches ;-)

The outside before the new windows, painted deck and all the crap laying around.

So whadda think?  Most people went running after seeing the original state of the house.  But I could see the gem.  The landlords - Shirley and Mike did a really good job and bent over backwards to accommodate me.   New floors, new windows, new bathroom, new kitchen (mostly), new paint throughout etc etc...  The wanted me in the house pretty bad and I don't think they have regretted it.  They are amazed how clean everything is and how quiet I am.

The only complaint they have made to me?  "Scott we've noticed that you haven't been walking around the farm taking pictures of the horses.  You have free access to everything you know."   hahaha, I have been meaning to get out and photograph the horses (there are 50 of them on the farm) but I just honestly haven't had the time with everything going on, but going to make a point of it here shortly.

Well I hope you have enjoyed a tour of The Farm.  Each of you is welcome to visit at any time.  There is always wine and beer available along with interesting chat while sitting on the deck.  Still need a BBQ and a few other odds and ends but we're surviving!


  1. Hey Bye! Lookin good! Would suggest though roman shades, maybe striped in the same blue as the desk trim, for the "mud room". It's a working room and I think curtains would soften it too much - need to keep it masculine not frou frou :) Everything else is looking crisp and clean (inside and out) - nice! Good job with the windows - installation and sparkling shine ;)

  2. The house looks warm and cozy and once you get all your things in there and add curtains and pictures, it will be perfect!! Painting the deck really brings it to life. Enjoy your new home and wishing you many many happy, wonderful memories there!! :o) D

  3. New windows looking good! Now you'll be able to get things "tiddly" they way you'll like it!

  4. Hey everyone, glad you all like the place. Sharon, would love Roman Shades but wayyy out of my price range right now but man those would look good in there. Di, thank you so much! Kyle, you know where the spare room is mate!

  5. The place looks great...nice little find if I do say so myself. :D