May 17, 2010

So Far, So Good

The move went well.  No drama and no heart aches.  Several guys from the office came by and worked their assess off for 6 hours and loaded the truck and unloaded at the new place.  Followed all that up with Beer and cold cuts.  Will have to have them over to thank them more properly!    And all the folks who have supported me the past few months and those who have given me so much for the new house so that I don't have to spend 2 fortunes to set everything back up.

Spent Saturday setting up the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.  Sunday while the races were on I managed to configure the living room and sort out all my books, tools and benches.  So by the end of the day all I have left now is the spare bedroom, my filing cabinet and the storage area.  It's all coming together.

Biggest thing left is the curtains.  14 windows in this place but most are being replaced in the coming days (19th I hope) so don't want to put much of anything up until the new ones are in and I have proper measurements to match the moldings.

Still no internet or phone.  The dry loop and DSL is suppose to go in on the 19th as well but have seen no sign of the modem or VOIP box yet.   So expect a few more days yet.   In the meantime using the Blackberry to surf and catch the news and catch up on e-mail from the office.

But all is well, still a bit surreal living in a new place and being away from my wife, kids and dogs but haven't concentrated on it to much.  Keeping busy for now.

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  1. beer and cold nuts? oh, cold cuts. mmmmmmm, processed meat? does a colon good.