May 15, 2010

Moving Day

Well today is a big day for me and the primary reason that I've been missing off the blog this past few months.  It's separation day.  A sad day and an exciting day in a strange way.

Back in January, my wife and I decided that there has been something missing from our marriage/lives and that it would be best for me to move on.  No fighting, no hassles, no lawyers, just slowly dismantle our marriage of 20+ years and remain the friends that we are instead of becoming an old bitter couple always wondering, "what if".

As a result I have spent the past few months looking for a new home and slowly packing up my life to move onwards.  Well today is the day.  Everything is is packed (it's now 6am in the morning and can't sleep) and in a few hours I pickup a U-Haul and move to the new house.   I found a lovely little house just 30 minutes north of here that I will be renting.  Found it just over a month ago.  Located on a horse farm/riding school and I have the main and top floors.  It's an older building but the landlord has done numerous renovation to the house for me.  New hardwood floors, new bathroom, new kitchen cabinets, counter, sink, light fixtures etc etc...   New windows are scheduled to go in next week.   The new house has 14 windows and bags of natural light and cross breezes.   The upstairs is a completely open loft and will be a wonderful huge bedroom.  Downstairs the kitchen is by far the biggest room.  Also have a spare bedroom and I have changed a 2nd bedroom into a small living room.  What should be the living room is just way to small for me and will become a large mud/sun room.  And the old bathroom will become a large walk-in closet.   Not enough room for all the accumulated stuff of the past 25 years of being out in the world, but we'll make it through.

The sad part of the day is that today my marriage of 20 years comes to an end.  I still love Cathy but not to the extent that I should for me to call her wife.  We were best of friends for many years before we married way back in 1989 and I hope that we will continue to be friends.  We have two excellent children so neither of us will ever say that our marriage was a waste.  By far more good came from it then any bad.

The exciting part is the unknown future ahead.  A new home, new friends and a new outlook on life.  Going to rediscover my passion for photography and the outdoors.  And maybe someday find that part of my relationship that has been missing.  Only time will tell.   But I should be blogging more for those few devote followers that I have out there ;-)

A few pics of the new home!

The outside and the loft.  Will post more after I'm moved in and have internet to show all the wonderful renovations that were done.

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