Jul 16, 2010

Two Things to Think About

I came across 2 different things today that had/have me thinking;

From Cynthia ;

There comes a time in life when you walk away from all the pointless drama with people that create it, surround yourself with people that make you laugh so hard that you forget the bad and focus on the good...life is too short to be anything but HAPPY!

From Nat (this sounds good but practicing would be a long, yet rewarding, road);

Variation of Bodhisattva vow

May I be a guard for those who are protectorless,
A guide for those who journey on the road;
For those who wish to go across the water,
May I be a boat, a raft, a bridge.

May I be an isle for those who yearn for landfall,
And a lamp for those who long for light;
For those who need a resting place, a bed,
For all who need a servant, may I be a slave.

May I be the wishing jewel, the vase of plenty,
A word of power, and the supreme remedy.
May I be the trees of miracles,
And for every being, the abundant cow.

Like the great earth and the other elements,
Enduring as the sky itself endures,
For the boundless multitude of living beings,
May I be the ground and vessel of their life.

Thus, for every single thing that lives,
In number like the boundless reaches of the sky,
May I be their sustenance and nourishment
Until they pass beyond the bounds of suffering 

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