Jul 27, 2010

Long Weekend

Just realized we have a long weekend coming up.  I can't sit around for 3 days but the parks will be full of campers and boaters as will the lock stations.

What should I do this weekend? I'd like to go away somewhere, but no real money.  One advantage of no pets, I can just up and go.      hmmmm, think think think..........



  1. lol, well at least you've got a few days to decide. We've got part 2 of the family visitors arriving Friday or Sat (they haven't decided yet).

  2. North?

    Up Hwy 315 or 323 on the Quebec side?
    May be busy, but they don't have the 3 day weekend.....

  3. ya not sure what to do. I suppose I could just go for day paddles around the area and see what the weather does. We'll see but almost feels like I'm wasting an opportunity. Opportunity for what I'm just not sure. Don't want to fall into a funk like last weekend.

  4. You zoomed past me on Boundary Rd with your boat on top of your car. You were heading towards Russell. I yelled, but you didn't hear me. :) I guess you were completely baffled by my radiant man-beauty.