Jul 28, 2010


Hey guys, sorry no posts the past 2 days.   Two very long days in the office.  Dead most of the day followed by late afternoon meetings resulting in me getting home late.  So by the time I get supper made (cooking now), eaten, cleaned up and chill a bit it's bed time.

Besides not much to report.  Got curtains yesterday and have those up in the front room.   Need to hem them but will look at that in a few days when it's quieter.   Everything else is quiet.    Only a few of us in the office as everyone is on vacation so pretty boring in there.   Spend part of the day playing facebook scrabble.  Not exactly a proper use of government time or equipment but nice to catch a lull in the workload.

If I think of anything later tonight before bed I'll come back and post it  hahaha.  Still no weekend plans.  Gonna have to check the weather and make some decisions or next thing I'll know the 3 days will be gone ;-)

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