Nov 27, 2016


Definitely not my first trip to the stones and it won't be my last.   I have always loved/hated this place.   I get really weird vibes walking around this site.   For those who have not been there over the past 3 years, they have made huge changes to the area.   They have built an all new visitor center with a very interesting museum.   They now bus you up to the site and removed all the old buildings, tunnel and road that were next to the site.    All they need to do now is reroute the highway and things would be great.    They have moved the walkway a bit so you can get a bit closer to the stones yet still keep the hoards of people off the stones and out of the pictures as much as possible.  Lots of pictures as I wanted to capture all the angles.

Walking up to the site.

This place must look amazing in the winter.   Not to mention cold with how exposed it is.

The heel stone.

In most of the pictures there is this lone rook, loved him!   Really showed how creepy this place can be.

A rook.  Damn ugly bird.

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