Nov 30, 2016


Ok, I've reached the end of my journey. The last day was hanging out in London. Started the morning with a walk down to Westminster and clipper up to Greenwich followed by a run to Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus. I ended up being out for 14 hours and walked over 22km's. Wore my shoes right out!  My Fuji X100S took around 900 shots this trip and have nothing but praise for the work this little camera does.

Crossing the Thames early in the morning.

Although it was one of the first days of the trip that had sunshine I couldn't help but capture this backlight in mono.

Anyone need a lock?

The "eye"

Looking for different angles.

London Bridge from the clipper

Finally arrived in Greenwich, this is the painted chapel on the grounds of the old Naval Academy.

Painted chapel on the left and the painted hall on the right.  Unfortunately the hall was closed and I couldn't get inside.

Looking across the Thames, you can see the O2 in the center.

Inside the painted chapel.  They freaked out over my camera, yet they want my money?!?.  Apparently their issue was due to someone singing up at the front....   Snuck a few shots anyhow - bite me.

Can you see how I'm impacting that singer up at the front?  lol  Kept trying to get a picture without this goof looking at me but he was relentless haha

A display of the Baltic Glass Exchange in the Maritime Museum.  (Check it on Wikipedia, pretty cool story)

The rain came down on me while walking up to the Royal Observatory but the upside was catching this lovely rainbow over Greenwich.

And another one over the Royal Observatory

Standing on the Meridian Line.   Those are the shoes that are now wore out, no padding left at all after this trip.

Heading back to London.  Shard on the left, London Bridge in the center.

Trafalgar Square at dusk.

The national arts center in Trafalgar Square.

The craziness of the round-about in Trafalgar

Finally made it to Piccadilly Circus!

Not hard to find the underground

One of the more famous tourist stores around.

Even crazier traffic

Very cool Xmas decorations

The colours keep changing.   Way cool

Do you get a prize for finding a blue bus??

More xmas greatness.

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