Nov 27, 2016

Salisbury Cathedral

After leaving Stonehenge we took a run down to Salisbury to see the Cathedral there. I have to admit that this was a major highlight of the trip for me. Cost is free (or give a donation, which I did), photography is welcomed and encouraged and the place is just plain amazing! I don't ever recall being in such a large place that is so stunning. The choir and band were practicing and the acoustics in this building from the 1300's needs to be heard to be appreciated. Also housed beside the building is one of the remaining 4 copies of the Magna Carta (no photos of that are allowed). Very little editing on the photos, almost straight from the camera, it really is a remarkable place to see and worth a visit if your in the area.

The place is so big that even from the edge of the property the 23mm on my Fuji couldn't fit it all in.

A courtyad inside.

and my jaw hit the floor around this point.

If your ever in the area, don't miss this place, it really is worth spending a day there.

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