Jan 18, 2014

Snow Continues

Still snowy and not much happening but a few shots from the X100S;

Click the image for a bigger view

This is actually a jpg from the camera.  A touch of levels and a small vignette.   Loving the jpgs from this rig.

Can't help but play with the black and white on this rig.   A small creek near the house. 

The creek on the other side.

Jen and Jackson ahead.  Seems I'm a bit pokey.


  1. Hmm, white snow on one hand, or white sand on the other... Think I'll stick with the sand for this winter. :-) Looks like a fun day out there just the same. Have fun with Bermuda.

  2. Wow. Impressed again. That first colour jpeg is amazing -- the colour and the richness ... very impressed! Love the bw as well. Love the framing of the creek shot. The bw makes it look magical. Beautiful stuff, Scott!

  3. Thanks Candis and Rick! Candis, the little rig never stops amazing me both in colour and bw. This adventure is going to be fun. Rick, will still trade the snow for your sun and sand :-) Continuing to follow your adventure, stay safe!