Jan 22, 2014

It's in the bag - or the case :-)

No new pictures the past few days.  Between the polar votex kicking our ass (-27C here this morning without the windchill) and working taking up my time the poor camera has been sitting on my desk.

But that sitting on my desk started to concern me.   When you sit down an SLR it sits up right, no issues.  But I found when I was setting down the new X100S I have a habit of laying it on it's back as that gives more surface area.   But that means I'm, without thinking, setting it down right on the LCD.   Over time this will probably result in scratches and scuffs.   Not something I want.   At least having a leather case on will lift it up off the surface if I set it down on it's back.   I hate those stupid LCD protector films, I always end up with bubbles and glare.

So I started the search.   The grand daddy of them all - the Leicatime. 

This is the one I dream of.   Full hand made leather from Luigi in Italy.   OMG this is a beautiful case.  I can even smell the leather looking at the picture.  Check out his website - http://www.leicatime.com/a000-CasesFujiFinepixX100.htm  But, the options I want would run me about 450.00 cdn dollars.  OUCH OUCH OUCH.   Maybe for xmas some year?  Anybody with money to burn who likes to read me and whats me to be the happiest man alive?

There are a few imitation leather things out there on e-bay that are half cases from China and a few other places.   They just look bad, REJECTED!

So I ended up ordering the actual Fujifilm X100S leather case;

Definitely not as "pretty" and I can't smell the leather :-)  but it will suit the functional needs.   The upper case comes off and will only be used for travel and stuff with the bottom part giving it the protection it needs.  One think it has over Luigi's is that you can access the battery and SD card without removing the case.   It runs about 150.00 cdn before taxes but I managed to order one from Adorama for around 140.00 with taxes and duties all in.   So saved about 30 bucks or so. 

BUT, the cost of this case is still near what you would pay for a full leather jacket.   NUTS!   Drives me crazy how much we pay for camera accessories.   But I'll have a nice looking case and one that protects my investment.

Did I mention that I love the Leicatime case and if someone where to buy me one..... :-)

Here is my blog traffic log.  Can you tell which day I was picked up by http://www.scoop.it/t/fuji-x-pro1   ?

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