Jan 15, 2014

Finally some sun!

I managed to get 10 minutes of daylight and sun today :-)   For the past 4 days, since getting the new camera, I've been dreaming of sun and COLOUR!

I drove the truck as fast as I could with the slow drivers in Ottawa all around me to get home from work to catch the sunset.  Ran in the house, grabbed the dog and the camera and ran back out.   Couple of seconds to think about camera settings and off we went.

I wanted to try the Velvia film saturation setting, so set it fine jpg + raw format.   Fortunately I had the raw format as I found the Velvia to be a bit over saturated for my taste.   As well, looking through the view finder I felt I needed to dial out some of the exposure so I went to -1 ev, probably should have only gone .3 or .7 but fortunately the raw files saved my ass.

(click for fullsize)

Jackson posing :-)   Miss the focal point of his face and unfortunately shot in jpg only with velvia.   Lesson learned.

Sunset over the pond behind the house.   RAW image.

Sunset over the antenna farm in the backyard.  Velvia film again but this time it kinda works.

Pano.  Who says you can't do wide angle with a fixed 23mm.  6 vertical shots photomerged in PS.

Unfortunately I'm in a 2 way learning curve.   My old copy of PS CS5 nor my Nikon NX2 supports the Fuji X100S raw mode so I have to use Lightroom 5.   Not a program that I really understand or am comfortable with.   Trying to take advantage of a few minutes of sunlight each today to learn what works for me on this camera and creating a new workflow is making my old head hurt :-)


  1. Beautiful colour. Love those shots. Especially the subtle pink sheen on the ice/hard snow.

    Lr is a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get a handle on it and figure out a workflow it's a powerful comprehensive program. You're right -- with the camera and the software, lots of new things to learn. But then again, it is the winter here ... so lots of time! ;-D

  2. Thanks Candis, yes it was a bit overwhelming but now that I have a handle on it I'm starting to like the program. I should reprocess this batch of photos as I discovered that the version of LR that I was using only had minimal support for the camera, once I upgraded to 5.3 things got much better.