Jan 19, 2014

House Bound - Radio Room

Had hopes of a sunny day to get out and stretch the legs on the X100s this morning but woke to blowing wind, snow and -13c windchill.  Stuck in the house.

So decided to play with the macro setting to see what the depth of field was like.  Tried some shots at f2.0 and found it way to shallow for everyday objects, might be good for bugs :-) but like the looks of the f5.6 images.  Here are a few from my radio room.  All are only slight levels adjustment, no changes to the colours.  The camera continues to amaze me with how good it captures the exposure.   f5.6 with auto speed and ISO.

(Click image for larger view)

My Goldline Microphone

Tuned to the Bermuda ham radio net, was chatting with my mates on the island.  This is my TenTec Jupiter.

My Kenwood rig tuned to 6 meter calling channel - not much on that band these days.

No depth of field here, just a shot of my radio room :-)    VA3XA
Back to work tomorrow with a late day planned, probably not many images over the next few days.  Have a great week everyone.  Stay warm!

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