Jan 7, 2012

Jackson, the Blind GoPro Dog

Well it didn't take me long to figure out how to hook the gopro up to the dog ;-)    Naturally it looks like something out of the Blair Witch project but as a result I was forced to learn the basics of video editing.   When faced with a 3.2gb file you have to do something.

In the end it came down 40 some megs and on YouTube.  Naturally the quality is not near as good as the full HD from the camera itself but I have no idea how to post better qualities unless I purchase an account?  Or maybe put them on my own webpage?   I'll have to experiment with that little problem.

The video is down to 6 minutes from 33.  It had really cool music with it but for some reason YouTube thinks the song is copyrighted and removed my audio track.  So when watching the video be sure to hum the theme song to the Andy Griffith show ;-)  Click on the YouTube thingy on the bar to see the bigger version.

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