Jan 4, 2012

Time-lapse Playing with GoPro

My wonderful girlfriend got me a GoPro Hero II for Christmas ;-)   http://www.gopro.com    Now I'm not much into extreme sports so mine will be time-lapse work, videos of the cats and dogs, snow-snowing, kayaking, canoeing and other boring stuff once I figure out video editing.   The camera itself is really cool and easy to use.  Picked up a few accessories for it (LCD back, spare battery, tripod mount etc..) and started downloading video software to play with.  

If you want a really cool little HD video camera that can be used as a normal camera and has really cheap accessories, check this little puppy out.  It's fun!

This was my first attempt at a time-lapse and using YouTube.   Got up this morning to -20c and a wicked windchill of -30c.  But the sky looked like it was going to be a good sunrise so put the camera on 2sec interval and let it snap away.    Retrieved it 15 minutes later and pieced together a time-lapse video.   Let YouTube add some music and there it was.   Not the greatest quality but hey, I gotta figure this stuff out.    The sunrise started out looking really good but then it fizzled out on me :-(


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