Jan 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Resolution number 1 - Try and post more.....   :-/

I keep saying I will but then I don't.   I think part of that is due to the social media webpages.  Facebook and Google + seem to be my downfall.  It's easier to post 1 lines I guess and there I can keep up to date with most of you.

The 2011 recap - it was an up and down year.   The upside continues to be my life moving forward.  Jen and I moved in together to a new house for both of us and continue to be happy.  Jackson came into our lives and life is good.  The downside has been the dragging out of my separation/divorce.  The never ending story.  Over a year and a half now and nothing has been resolved.  More money in the lawyers pockets and I suspect it's going to get worse before it gets better.  But I want this over in 2012 so I can completely put it behind me.   We're planning a trip to Florida in April, I hope a trip to Bermuda shortly after that and maybe a run down east in the summer.   All to be determined yet around any work travel that I might have upcoming.

Jen and I had a quiet Christmas.  A few new toys, mainly a gopro for me - so maybe some video or time lapse in the future??  ;-)    http://gopro.com/    I've been eyeing my old R/C stuff and wondering about mounting the camera on those.  I wanted to mount it on the truck this past week but with all the snow, salt and slush on the roads I figure the case will just get gummed up to quick.   Need a drier day.

To try and get the photography juices flowing again, I've joined a Google+ 52 week project for the coming year.   I thought of doing the 365 project but with my work schedule there is no way I'd be able to post a picture every single day of the year.   I tried in the past and that didn't work out well, but a picture a week I think I can do.  The project has a different theme each week to try and get people thinking.  The first one, new years day, is due tomorrow so I have some ideas that I will be trying to shoot today.   So that should give me at least 1 blog post per week!  ;-)   But I hope it will kick start the imagination and get me moving again.  But if you have Google+ check it out, there are going to be some great pictures over the coming year - https://plus.google.com/u/0/107553450680914912872/posts

Wishing everyone a great 2012!!!   Stay in touch.   Sometimes I can be found on skype but I can always be found on e-mail.

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