Jun 19, 2011

Hey Everybody

Ya ya, I know, I post almost every day when I'm in Bermuda and when I return I go silent for 2 solid week.   I beg your forgiveness!!

It's been a very busy 2 weeks as you can well image.  We returned from Bermuda on a Saturday night as we literally hit the ground running.   Between opening up two houses and work it pretty much slammed us.    Around mid last week I finally started to feel like I'd gotten a handle on things again.    In the meantime Jen and I have been searching the ads looking for a place to live.  2 weeks in Bermuda and we didn't kill each other so we figure it's worth a try hahahaha.  Seriously though, we're both looking forward to it, as is her daughter, and it's time to move onwards.  This 2 household foolishness and living out of a suitcase is just becoming a pain.  We want to be together every day, not 3 or 4 nights a week.    Last week we found a house that looks very promising and we're in the final paperwork stages.  Hope to know early this week if it's a done deal.   It is a rental and needless to say they'd be crazy not to take us for tenants.  When the paperwork is done we expect to be moving around 1 Sept.   Going to be seriously busy packing up 2 households and putting them into one.  We have both given notice to our landlords so the ball is rolling.

The house is nice.  Located in Greely (south of Ottawa) on about a 1/2 acre lot it's a side split with 2 baths, 3 beds, rec room , deck, double car garage, natural gas, geo heat recovery, A/C, tons of storage etc etc.   The commute is only about 15 minutes so that works nicely for us both.

We dug the canoe and kayak out this weekend and took a short trip out to Long Island Locks on the Rideau for a canoe run.   A bit windy but a nice little trip.   We had planned to go out on Monday to the Rideau in downtown Ottawa but not looking very good tonight.   While we were out yesterday I started to feel a tickle in my throat.  Sure enough, within a few hours a cold slammed me.   It was a rough night without much sleep so I packed up and came back to the farm this morning to suffer on my own.  I hope I didn't infect Jen and Erin, fingers crossed they escape it.   Today has been spent feeling like shit.  Head, chest, throat, fever the whole 9 yards.   Feel like I got hit by a truck.  So much for fathers day - pft!  Spent the day watching episodes of True Blood to try and get caught up.  Finished season 2 and starting 3 now.   I'll probably have vampire nightmares all night given that the meds have made me all loopy.    

I had taken tomorrow off as vacation but looks like I'll be switching it to a sick day instead.   Unfortunately I'm hosting a small BBQ tomorrow night as a good friend of ours is back in town after retiring last year.   I hope I feel well enough to get through the evening, will be good to see Kyle and the gang again.

That's the news from this end.  I need to get out with the camera and now that the canoe is out we should have some soon.   Doubtful about tomorrow but would like to get out next weekend. 

Hope everyone has a great week and we'll try and be around a bit more ;-)   later all.


  1. Hey there - hope you're finally on the mend. Congrats on the new place! Sounds like a nice one. :~)

  2. Thanks for surviving long enough to host the BBQ! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was great seeing everybody again!

    I saw Suzie and Perry for lunch the next day.

    And Linda Scally and her girls (Sara and Megan) send their best wishes.

  3. It's now July 1 and don't see any new posts ;)

    Happy Canada Day to you and Jen!