Jun 1, 2011

Bermuda's Botanical Gardens

Sorry for the delay of a few days.   Took it easy for a few and just chilled by the pool.  Unfortunately our time is winding down and all to soon we'll be heading home. :-(    But it's been a nice visit and great to see most everyone.

Still a few more days yet and more photos to come.  Today we're off to Gibbs Hill and Horseshoe Bay and tomorrow we're off on a snorkling run.   I have access to a waterproof camera so hoping to take a few pictures underwater, something I've never done before.

Yesterday we were off to the Botanical Gardens and took a huge pile of photos.  So apologizes for the size of this post!  I am not a horticulturalist so I'm afraid I don't know the names of most of these flowers.  But they sure are pretty.  Lots of stuff that wasn't in bloom given the very dry conditions down here right now, but still managed to find some ;-)

Remember to click the image for a bigger version;

Doing his job!

One seriously weird flower, looked like cloth
My favourite shot of the day!

It ain't easy being green.
We're being invaded!!!!

School kids here wear uniforms, caught these 2 cuties before they ran down the hill ;-)

The Rose Garden, although nothing really in bloom due to the dry weather
Camden House - Official Residence of the Premier

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