Jun 2, 2011

Horseshoe Bay and Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

Good morning everyone!

What a fantastic day we had yesterday and today is looking great as well.  We're finishing this trip off with a bang!   Yesterday we took off for Horseshoe Bay, which is one of the prettiest beaches on the island.  The downside is that it's normally covered in tourists, which it was.  But as you'll see in the photos we had wonderful cloud formations which tied in lovely with the light, surf and sand.  We escaped the tourist covered beach just as a pile more tourists were heading in.  Meanwhile over on Warwick Long Bay, just a km away, the beach was empty as people just don't know about the other great beaches.  

Next stop was Gibbs Hill Lighthouse where we climbed to the top.  Took some lovely panorama shots from up there as you can see well over half the island.  A few of them are posted below, but you really need to see the full size versions to appreciate them.  Blogger and FB just don't do them justice.  One is so big that my poor old laptop can't handle the processing, so will have to wait until I'm home.

Next we were off to the Swizzle Inn (South Shore) for lunch where Jen had the famous Nacho's and her first taste of Rum Swizzle.  Both she enjoyed!  One a little more then the other hehehe.  Back to the house where we lazed by the pool through the late afternoon and then into town for Harbour Nights.  Harbour Nights is each Wednesday in Hamilton.  They shut down the main street (Front Street) and local artists and vendors set up shop.  There are also dancers and other entertainment to see.  Jen finished up a bit of shopping and then we were off to a friends place where we sat out on the patio overlooking the ocean while having a glass of wine and enjoying great company.

A very long day indeed but one that was wonderful.   Today we're off on a snorkling trip this afternoon back out by the old Canadian Forces Station and then if we're not to tired off to a lovely supper at one of the excellent resturants. 

Most of the pictures below have had NO or VERY LITTLE modification.  This was how the day looked.  Very bright, sunny and amazing.   I have been very happy with my Tamron 17-50mm, this little lens has been a workhorse this trip.

Remember to click the image for the fullsize version and hope everyone has a great day!

Horseshoe Bay
Horseshoe Bay - but trying to capture the crack in the rock face that appeared over the winter.  I used to stand up there and take photos, glad it didn't fall during one of my trips!
Horseshoe Bay

This is a Bermuda Longtail.  They are currently nesting in the rocks.  Lots of them around, which is very nice to see!
Bermuda Longtail
Bermuda Longtail
The dramatic skies

My pretty girlfriend and bestest bud!  ;-)

Looking down from Gibbs Hill Lighthouse
The weather vane that used to sit at the top of the Lighthouse before being replaced by radar.
Gibbs Hill Lighthouse with colours flying.
I love this shot!
One of the panorama's, looking east
Another panorama looking east
A panorama looking west, these are so much better in fullsize.  But blogger doesn't do them justice.
Ooops, how did that get in here?   ;-)  My love!

Nacho's and Rum Swizzle at the Swizzle Inn (South Shore)

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