Oct 10, 2016

West End

Took a short run up to the west end of the island.   Mostly to see what was going on for the preparations for Americas Cup 2017 and to see if the AC boats might be out in the sound.   Unfortunately they were not but I did get to see some of the on-going construction.   I will not rant today beyond saying that Bermuda needs to get off it's ass and get moving on this great opportunity the island has to reinvent itself.

There was a cruise ship in so I limited my visit to a few pictures and got out of dodge.   And I will not rant about the stupidity of some people who need to educate themselves before traveling outside the US of A.   :-)

On my way west I stopped above Horseshoe bay to take a shot.   The winds were up and lots happening on the beach from both tourists and locals.   I was trying to catch the colour of the water with the X100s but I probably should have pulled out the zoom lens instead.  

The other side of Horseshoe, tide levels are very high.  I doubt if you could walk through like you normally can.

Taken from the top of Fort Scaur.   That is looking at the old US Navy Annex, Morgans point.   Many of the AC teams will be setting up their HQ's out there, this I believe is the home of the Artemis team.  Very strange seeing new construction out there after 20+ years of derelict buildings.

Another view show showing the cranes working on something.   I don't see any remnants of the base left, seems it's finally leveled.

If my memory hasn't failed me, this is where the old barracks were.  Gone.

A ship I love and a ship I hate.   In the foreground is the "Spirit of Bermuda" a beautiful sloop.   I have photographed her a few times over the year but until you see her on the water it does not do her justice.   Meanwhile a cruise ship in the background.   I know they bring business to the island but all the stuff that has sprung up at dockyard to support them just seems so tacky and un-Bermuda.   Snorkel park is terrible, the restaurants cater with foolish tacky menu item names (seriously, you think I want a frozen boner?), segway tours and a train for those who are too fat to walk.

One of the more traditional ferries, "Bermudian"

Have I mentioned how much I live "Spirit of Bermuda"?  :-)

I do like the paint job on the "Norwegian Dawn"

The rain decided to give us a shower giving some nice light to play with.

Bermuda has built a new 9 acre island just off the seawall as you enter the dockyard.   This will be the pavilion for AC 2017.   Apparently it was built on time and to budget, something I have never heard of in  Bermuda hahaha.  But next time I'm here this should be a beehive of activity with sailboats and people.

But across from the new island is the remains of HMS Malabar.   What an eyesore after being battered and left to rot for the past 20+ years.   This needs to be tore down before the AC comes and the entire town of Somerset needs a paint job AND Watford bridge needs to be cleaned up AND the road should be paved etc etc....I will not rant, I will not rant, I will not rant!

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