Oct 29, 2016

Hurricane Nicole

Those who follow me on social media (Facebook and Instagram) know that we made out alright in the hurricane but I did end up losing my internet the rest of the trip.   I was able to post to social media but blogging takes more time and it fell by the way side.   For that I apologize, although I'm not sure how many people read this page anymore, as no one ever comments.

Long story short the storm hit as a category 3 and the house was pretty exposed, as can be seen in the videos.   The first part of the storm came with 9 inches of rain and I believe the highest clocked winds were 137 mph.    

First video, 10am.

Be sure to follow it to the youtube page and go full rez.    Send video is from the front of the house at 1030am, this was probably at it's worst.

The eye eventually hit and it lasted almost an hour and a half.   I'm very winded in the video this is from the remnants of the cold I had my first week on the island and the very low barometric pressure - picture of that in a bit.

The 2nd half of the hurricane wasn't too bad for me.   The wind switched around to the north and we were a bit more sheltered.   The winds did drop down to about Cat 2 at this point.   Ironically this was when most of the damage happened, the wind had pushed all the trees in one direction and when it swung around it tipped them into another direction snapping trees and power poles.

No rain in the 2nd half so didn't have to deal with all the water anymore.

Once the storm was done there were a few pictures of around the property.

The house all buttoned up, you can see the leaves all stuck to the roof and walls.

I have never seen a barometer go this low, definitely made for one heck of a headache.

One of the power poles above the house snapped.

A good look at that pole out of place.

Overall the island got off very lucky.  At one point 95% of the island lost power but most were back up within 24 hours and the remainder within 4 days or so.   Around 30 boats were sunk or pushed up on the rocks but surprising little damage.   I think this was due to 2 hurricanes 2 years ago having cleaned up a lot of the dead shit laying around and the fact that the eye passed over the island giving us a bit of a break from the sustained winds.   Overall we were all very lucky.    Took about 3 days to get most stuff cleaned up.

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