Aug 25, 2011

Moving Week

5 more days and I leave my beloved farm to start another chapter in my life ;-)   Going to miss the place but I'm really looking forward to the new place and starting over again with Jen.   So this week I've started my packing, which fortunately for me isn't that bad considering I just packed 15 months ago to move here.   Jen has been at it for a few weeks now but she's nearing completion as well.   Took next week off work for the move so fingers crossed everything goes smooth.

Last weekend we took another paddle on the Jock River.  This time Jen took the zoom lens and did a great job with the Osprey's and Heron's.   I took the landscape lens and here are a few;

My paddling buddy, a fellow photographer, my best friend and my girlfriend all rolled into one!


  1. That looks like a beautiful spot to paddle -- lots to see. I love the symmetry of the first image, especially that contrail in the middle. Nice! :) I looked through Jen's photos on fb -- wow, those bird photos are amazing!

    Good luck with the move!