Aug 7, 2011

Some Older Pics

Been playing around with Google Plus the past week or so and have started to put some of the older pics up there as I "frame" them and make them look a bit better for presentation.  Thought I'd throw them on here as well.  I'm enjoying google +, it seems much better the Facebook, give it a try and look me up if you feel so inclined.

Fairly quiet weekend for Jen and I.  A short paddle at Black Rapids again on Saturday, although this time we went northward.  Kinda interesting how hidden the city is on this route.

Came home a bit early today and did the domestic household chores, cut my hair and the beard and played a few computer games.  Waiting for the house to cool down a bit before bed.  Got a bit of a sore back (not sure what from) but hope that heals up quickly, last thing I need right now ;-)

A few pics from my last trip north in 2008;  Click the image for bigger version.

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  1. Love the photos of the wolf. Hope the back is feeling better.