Nov 18, 2010

Yes, I know......

I'm starting to sound like a stuck record - sorry I haven't been posting.   It continues to be crazy in my life, and the lack of time to get out shooting.  Nothing gets me posting like having new images.   Gonna try for this weekend but might have to work late Friday, Jen and I are bottling wine on Saturday (yum!) and the weather is questionable.  So we'll see!

But to tie you over, heard this on XM this morning and brought back some good memories ;-)  Hope it does the same for you!


  1. Have fun doing the wine tomorrow. Make sure it goes in the bottles though and not down the hatch!! :)


  2. Me again! The anonymous is from me as it didn't want to accept my google. Just so you know :)

    Sharon T - BDA

  3. Bottling the wine is always fun! I now have 60 bottles sitting in the kitchen waiting for labels and caps ;-)