Nov 21, 2010

60 Bottles of wine on the wall, take one down pass it around......

59 bottles of wine on the wall.  ;-)

Yesterday was blowing a gale, gusts up to 70km/hr.  Today so far it's -6C so fair to say we're just hanging around the farm watching movies and sipping on wine this weekend.

60 new bottles of wine hit the house yesterday.  I make them up at DeFalco's in Orleans.  Unfortunately they are still a little to "fresh" for drinking but the Raspberry Merlot should be ready for Xmas and the Shiraz in about 3 months.   Time to get a rotation going so I always have aged wine around.  Jen and I both had a great time bottling, corking and then doing the labels at home.

Examining the results ;-)

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