Nov 11, 2010

Summer is Over

My thoughts are with our men and women who have served and are serving in our armed forces.   I'm proud to have worn the uniform for 16 years and I still continue to support those serving.

An image I took a number of years ago that I always display with pride each year;

But as stated, summer is now officially over for me.  The boats are loaded up and ready to head to the barn for storage tomorrow ;-(    A sad day each year.   They didn't get as many miles as I would have liked but they got a few.  But not a single overnight trip this year, but I really didn't feel the urge.  As everyone knows it has been a very different year, extreme lows and extreme highs.  But things have really stabilized this past 3 months, mostly due to Jen, she's been a rock for me.  Still rocky roads ahead with the separation saga but there is life afterwards, and a much better life.  Next year I hope Larry will get down for a week in Algonquin and I hope to introduce Jen to "being on the land".  May I double the miles next year ;-)

And picked up a neat sunset the other night;

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Ah yes, the last trip of the year for the amphibious Rav4!

    Alas, the battery must come out of the bike this weekend too.

    May you have a happy hibernation! ;-)

  2. Hard to believe it's already November 11th. Time flies so quickly. I love the photo of the cross and poppies Scott, it's so appropriate. It's been my pleasure to be there for you the past 3 months, I've enjoyed every minute we've had together and look forward to many, many more :) Love you!!!

    Kyle, hope you enjoy your hibernation as well, guess we all know it's coming!!


  3. That's one serious sunset bud! Hope that 2011 will be a great for you!