Dec 11, 2016

Playing with the Pets

Argh, forgot how much I hate winter.  Not a good time to become of street shooter -lol.   Not that I have had any time to get out.   So continuing to play at home with the X100s and the X-T1 with the rarely used 35mm.   I definitely prefer the 23mm (a 35mm in the full frame world) focal length over the 35mm (effectively a 50mm)  Trying to decide if I would want to upgrade to an X100F when it comes out or just pick up the 23mm F2 lens for the X-T1?   I prefer the feel of the X-T1 and the much quicker focus, but I love the smallness and stealthiness of the X100 series.   I'll wait for the F to come out and check the stats but for now I'm leaning towards that 23mm F2.0 on the X-T1.

A few from around the house a mixture of the X100S and the X-T1 w/35mm;

Kitten wondering if chewing on xmas lights might be a good idea or not.   NOT!

Onyx is our rarely seen cat who I managed to catch in the morning sun.

Wookie sporting her sweater on a cold Dec day.

Had to take this in colour to showcase her eyes and the brick.

A friend of ours came over with her new puppy (about 3 months old) and she is such a cutie!  She loves the snow.

Another of fluffy.

Fina, the puppy, enjoying the cat toy - lol

But I seriously need to get into downtown Ottawa and try my hand at the streets.   Or maybe I'll just become a pet photographer :-)

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