Aug 14, 2014

On the Road - Peggy's Cove

Hey everyone!   Currently on vacation in Nova Scotia for a bit.   Was time to introduce Jen and Erin to my side of the family.   Brought "Das Boot" down for the drive and wow what a fuel saver.   First fill-up was north of Fredericton and was just under half a tank in Halifax.   Think I averaged around 5.2l/100km's at highway speeds.  That's with a full load of luggage and 4 people in the car.  Impressed!  The car was also very comfortable.  No sore backs or necks.

Anyhow, some pictures from the trip thus far.   Some are from my dad's place in Stewiake and the rest are from Peggy's Cove.

 The Stewiake River behind my dad's house.

 An eagle hanging out across the river. A long way away so a bit of a zoom and crop job.

The day after the super moon.

 Near Peggy's Cove in Indian Harbour.

 The entrance to the Swiss Air memorial.

 Swiss Air Memorial.

Peggy's Cove below.  Tough to get bad pictures at Peggy's, we were blessed with very fine weather and one of the first times I have ever been there without waves crashing on the rocks.   Might have been more dramatic for the girls but was nice to see it in the calm.   Everything except the moon and eagle were shot with the Fuji X-T1 and 14mm lens.  Processed in Lightroom with Velvia  film settings.   Using a laptop so always hard to tell if I'm editing properly, but edits are very light.

Finished the day off at a new little restaurant just east of Peggy's with some NS pints, clams, haddock and lobster.  Food was excellent and a perfect end. 


  1. Beautiful photos Scott -- the colours are amazing, along with the scenery. Looks like you had some lovely skies!

    Also good to read you're enjoying the new car.

  2. Thanks! The weather was really nice that day. Everytime I see great skies I just wanna grab the camera and run :-)