Aug 27, 2014


Well those who follow me on FB would have seen these pictures over a week ago, I've been a bit slow getting them  up on the blog.   We took a run down to Lunenburg while we were in NS.  As per normal it didn't disappoint, a very pretty town.   Lunenburg is all about colour.  Everything was shot with the Fuji X-T1, XF-14mm lens and colours are velvia.

A pano of the "Bluenose II".  It was the only way to gt the entire ship in the picture.   Unfortunately the stitching didn't work to well on the rigging but the rest of the ship came out ok.   Beautiful job rebuilding but still delayed in getting it sea worthy.

Drew, Erin's friend who came on the trip.  She was a pleasure to have along.
My lovely lady - Jen

Probably a relation but didn't stop by to find out :-)


  1. Great set! Again with the colour -- it's so pretty. :-) Love all the detail shots and the also impressed with how you and the cam capture the details vs scenic vs people ... very impressive!

  2. Thanks Candis! Lunenburg has so much colour and texture that I couldn't resist trying to do close-ups to capture it. Still trying to figure out where to put the focal point but slowly getting there. Loving the Fuji colour palette.