Mar 9, 2014

He Shoots - They Die?

No new photos today, just some oldies but goodies.

I realized the other day that there are a few pictures I have taken of things that no longer exist.  Here are a few that jump to mind, and then the story of what happened;

One of my very first HDR images with my old Canon S3is.   Just a few short months after this picture was taken the old schoolhouse burned to the ground while I was away in Bermuda.   Never heard conclusively what happened but many believe it was arson.  Such a shame, a great old building.

The next two were from photographing the same week during the Tall Ship parade in Bermuda 2009 celebrating Bermuda's 400th birthday.

The first to go was Canada's own "Concordia"

Just 1 year later she was gone.  Sunk off of Brazil but fortunately everyone survived.

During that same Tall ship parade I got some great shots of the "Bounty"

Lost in Oct 2012 during Hurricane Sandy with the loss of two people -  (such a terrible photo to see in the article)

and the last one that jumps out at me is the Club Med in Bermuda as seen at the bottom of the screen from this Ariel shot over Bermuda.  Thanks John for the plane ride!!!

The the video of the implosion:


  1. Great post Scott. Interesting to see/read the history and what happened to them. (Enjoying the new layout too!)

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, I should keep digging through my files, I suspect I have others that I haven't thought of. Amazing how fast the world changes. Not sure if I like the new dynamic format or not, it's missing a few things that I liked having. Was planning to take a look at the code this weekend and see how much it can be modified. Trust your well?